Your dreams, our solutions

We will help your business thrive by

Offering strategic
business advice

Identifying growth

Finding lucrative

Helping set
strategic goals

Tailoring financial advice

Creating financial models

Performing valuations

Connecting you with sources of finance

Advising you on acquisitions

Providing Exit Advice

Upgrading Your Accounting Systems

Consulting on automation and outsourcing

Enabling Business Intelligence Tools

Tracking your operations

Monitoring cash flow

Outsourced CFO Services

You can stop worrying about…

Number crunching

Maintaining financial control of a business is a lot of work. So, why sink time into crunching numbers when you don’t have to? By partnering with VBCS, you aren’t just delegating your financial processes, you are also improving them.
Using cuttingedge technologies, we streamline your money management and ensure your business’s finances are aligned with your goals.

Here’s how

Lost data

Technology evolves rapidly and so must your business. If you’re still relying on inhouse financial applications, you are putting your financial data at risk. At VBCS, we pride ourselves on,

A: Our knowledge and implementation of the latest, cloudbased technologies, and

B: Our ability to provide bespoke process upgrades that suit you, no matter how you operate.

This ensures your financial data is secure, backed up and able to be accessed 24/7, wherever you go.

Protect your data


Your business is a system, which means all its individual parts must work together to maintain a successful whole.
This is why, we at VBCS take a holistic approach to integrating your business’s finances and operations ensuring your front mid, and back of office are working cohesively toward your business goals.

What we do

Your emotional wellbeing

You have the courage to establish your own business and have navigated through the industry, business and personal challenges. Your emotional wellbeing is the key to achieving your business goals. VBCS can provide you with the peace of mind by being on the same side of the table as you are, partnering with you to help transform your business through strategic advice and technology assistance.

Here’s how

Knowing your business is our business

A core strength of VBCS is being a compact and agile consultancy. This enables us to know your business – every number, application, contract and process – in fine detail. This comprehensive and in-depth view of your business ensures we can truly provide you with tailored, bespoke financial guidance on everything from growth opportunities and acquisitions through to goal setting and sourcing capital.
When you partner with VBCS, you’re partnering with real people who will dedicate themselves to the task of seeing your business succeed.

Meet the team

At VBCS, we have a combined 45 years of industry experience specialising in CFO services, strategic business advice, financial modelling, process upgrades, IT advisory and cash flow monitoring. Our key personnel are:

Raghunathan Muralidharan (Managing Director)

“I enjoy helping people realise their business goals – helping them develop enterprises that change the world for the better. This type of business deserves to succeed and I consider it a privilege to help make that happen.”

Srinivasan Jayanthi – Director

“I help small and medium businesses find the best ways forward through wide-ranging strategic advice. Seeing a business thrive and grow while knowing you played a role in that is the most satisfying part of my work.”

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